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On Friday, February 23, Nvidia rose to become the first semiconductor firm to hit $2 trillion in market capitalisation, making it the fourth most valuable company in the world behind Microsoft, Apple, and Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabian Oil Company). This growth has come on the back of another quarter of bumper earnings, putting Wall Street and global markets in a frenzy and pushing up other tech stocks as well.

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Nvidia’s stock and market cap have ballooned over fivefold since January 2023, when ‘Generative AI’ suddenly came to the fore in the public eye, entering the popular discourse.

In an earnings call post the fourth quarter (Q4) results, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jensen Huang, who started Nvidia in 1993, said that the demand for its newest products will continue to outstrip supply for the rest of the year as ‘Generative AI’ has kicked off a whole new investment cycle.

While markets across the globe settled after a bumper rise on Thursday, the question now remains whether Nvidia can continue its upward trend.